October 21, 2011

Jianchao He, a visiting Ph.D. student from University of Science & Technology Beijing, has joined the group for 1.5 years starting 21 October 2011

September 26-27, 2011

Clarissa Yablinsky visited GSI Helmholtz Institute in Darmstadt, Germany to discuss future plans to use swift heavy gold ions to irradiate UO2.

September 19-23, 2011

Clarissa Yablinsky received second poster prize for her poster titled "Investigation of Swift Heavy Ion Damage in CeO2" at the F-BRIDGE Summer School. The school, held in Cambridge, UK from Sept 19-23, was on the synergy between modelling and experiments for the investigation of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation.

September 6-16, 2011

Dr. Yina Huang went to CAES (Center for Advanced Energy Studies) at Idaho Falls from Sept 6-16 and successfully carried out Atom Probe Tomography experiments on NF616 irradiated at ATR (Advanced Test Reactor)

Summer 2011

Tyler Gerczak spent 9 weeks at Oak Ridge National Laboratory through the Higher Education Research Experiences program. During his stay he worked in the lab of Dr. John Hunn in support of the DOE's Advance Gas Reactor Fuel Program. The work focused on microstructural characterization of the SiC layer in TRISO fuel and understanding the fission product interactions in TRISO fuel through post irradiation examination.