June 30, 2012

What an exciting week! Wisconsin-Madison sported 26 students, with many presenting posters or giving presentations for the Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials embedded topical, as well as ICAPP. Here's a brief list of some of the posters/presentations and awards received:

Guiqiu Zheng presented a poster titled, "Corrosion Behavior of Structural Alloys in Molten Fluoride Salts for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors."

Robert Sellers presented at ICAPP 2012 at the conference. He presented the experimental results of his paper titled, "Materials Corrosion in Molten LiF-NaF-KF Eutectic Salt Under Different Reduction-Oxidation Conditions"

William Nollet presented an update on oxygen detection research for liquid sodium-cooled fast reactors at UW-Madison. He presented the design and construction of a plugging meter, as well as his own methodology for operating the instrument. In addition, he presented a status update on Wisconsin's prototype electrochemical cell designs, which are being tested now.

Jamieson Brechtl won best poster award for the NFSM session, with a prize of a $500 honorarium and a trip to Oak Ridge Nation Lab.

Mahima Gupta participated in the poster session at the NFSM and the ATR user information session. Her poster was titled "Experiment Design of UO2 Irradiation in the ATR" with Justin Sattler, Clarissa Yablinsky, and Todd Allen as co-authors.

Sarah Khalil presented a poster with the title "Clustering of Point Defects in UO2" 

Kevin Field presented his research entitled, "Relationship Between Grain Boundary Structure and Radiation Induced Segregation in Ferritic/Martensitic Steels."

Sean Martin presented a poster at on his pyroprocessing research titled, "Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Molten LiCl-KCl Salt for Nuclear Waste Separation."

Brian Kelleher presented on chemical control of fluoride salts for applications related to the fluoride salt cooled high temperature reactor.

Amanda Lang was the recipient of an Innovations in Fuel Research Award in the undergraduate category for her paper on the use of freeze-casting in fuel design.

Alex Mairov's poster was titled "Stability of a Titanium Fe-12%Cr Interface Under Heavy Ion Irradiation."